Monday, June 1, 2009

Vocational Wellness Health Assessment

Vocational wellness is similar to occupational wellness but more inclusive. A vocation is a calling, something that expresses who you are, which a job may not do, Vocation encompasses interests, hobbies, and volunteer work, as well as occupation, but more important is the tie between vocation and personal values.

In the Vocational Wellness Health Assessment you look at your personal values and how they are expressed in what you do. Some things you do may fit your abilities, but may not fit your personal values. Wellness, and happiness, increases when vocation and personal values are congruent.

To identify your personal values think first of a moment (a few hours at most) in your life when you felt completely fulfilled. What was it about that time that was so important? Probably one or more personal values were being expressed. Try and identify them. Then think of something that someone does that really annoys you. Probably one or more of your personal value is not being honoured. Can you identify them?

Some question to ask when doing your vocational wellness health assessment are:

  1. What are you top five personal values in order of importance?
  2. Where in your life are you expressing your personal values?
  3. Is there one or more areas in your life where your values are dishonoured?
  4. Is there a balance between work and other areas of your life?
  5. Do you feel happy, creative and innovative in your current life?
  6. Overall, do your interests, hobbies, job, and volunteer work (vocation) and personal values appear to be congruent?

Scoring the vocational wellness health assessment will be somewhat different than for the previous wellness health assessments. The answer to question six will tell you where you are, between a score of zero to 10, on the fit between vocation and personal values. Enter this score as a dotted line on the vocational segment of the vocational wellness wheel. See how to do a wellness health assessment for an example

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