Monday, June 1, 2009

Social Wellness Health Assessment

Social wellness is the ability to connect with others and to build supportive, nurturing meaningful relationships that enhance the quality of life for all involved. It also includes making a contribution to society in some way.

The social wellness health assessment questions below reflect the skills needed to foster a relationship in which both parties feel safe and heard. Because conflict is part of the relationship territory, developing relationship management and conflict resolution skills is essential.

1. Do you have more than one relationship that is mutually supportive and nurturing?
2. Can you accept the other for who they are?
3. Can you set boundaries that clearly identify what you need in a relationship?
4. Do you focus on the positive qualities of the other person rather than on the qualities that you don‘t like?
5. Is giving and taking about equal within the relationship?
6. Do you frequently appreciate and thank the other for what they do?
7. When there is conflict can you state your side and listen to and acknowledge the other’s point of view?
8. Do you give some time to helping others or contributing to society in some way?

Score the social wellness health assessment by taking the number of yes answers and expressing them as a percentage of the total number of questions. Then put a line at the level representing that percentage in the social section of the wellness wheel – see how to do a wellness health assessment for an example.

If you want to make a start on developing or improving your relationship management and conflict resolution skills, this site is a useful resource

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