Sunday, May 31, 2009

Emotional Wellness Health Assessment

Emotional wellness is a key dimension in the journey to wellbeing, because feelings generally influence how people react to events in their lives and, as mentioned in a previous post, they directly affect the health of cells in the body. Emotional healing is essential in physical healing.

The good news is that managing emotions, by paying attention to what you are feeling and not instantly reacting to uncomfortable emotions, leads to emotional healing and enhanced wellness.

These emotional wellness health assessment questions are an initial assessment of where you currently stand in this dimension. They will also indicate where you need to focus on any needed emotional healing. When answering the questions, look at what you do most often.

  1. Do you recognize when you are feeling an emotion?
  2. Do you stay with the emotion and allow yourself to feel it without blaming (yourself or others), or instantly reacting?
  3. Do you experience pleasant emotions (e.g., love, gratitude, peace, joy) more frequently than uncomfortable emotions (e.g., depression, anxiety, fear, unworthiness, anger, hurt, resentment)?
  4. Do you identify what others may be feeling and allow them to have to have those feelings without trying to change them?
  5. Do you talk about your own feelings and those of others without judgment?

Again, score the number of yes answers in this emotional wellness health assessment as a percentage of the number of questions, and draw a line at that level in the emotional wellness segment on your wellness health assessment wheel. Knowing where you are is the first step to emotional healing and wellness.

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