Friday, May 29, 2009

Wellness Health Assessment of the Mind

A wellness health assessment can start with any of the seven wellness dimensions, but it makes sense to start with the mind, because the major factor affecting your physical health, and all other wellness dimensions, is your thoughts. Thinking positively affects wellness more than diet, exercise, supplements or health care.

Thoughts have positive or negative effects on all wellness dimensions. Thinking positive thoughts to affect wellness involves letting go of fear and of your inner and outer critic. It may also mean changing beliefs and attitudes.

In this assessment of wellness and health of the mind, look truthfully at how you are most of the time.

  1. Do you usually see the glass as half-full rather than half-empty?
  2. Do you tend to focus on the things you or others did well rather than those done badly?
  3. Do you usually expect the best to happen rather than the worst?
  4. Do you see things in shades of gray (neither bad nor good) rather than black or white, bad or good?
  5. Overall, do you believe that people are kindly disposed towards you?
  6. Do you see your self, rather than outside circumstances, as determining your happiness at any give moment?

Scoring your test: Take the percentage of questions where you answered yes, and put a line at that level on your wellness health assessment wheel – see how to do a wellness health assessment for an example.

How did you do?

However you did is fine – it’s just showing you where you are now. See if you can see a link between your thoughts and your wellness. Is your level of thinking positively affecting your wellness in dimensions other than the mind? What could you do in the next few days that might make a difference to your score?

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