Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spiritual Wellness Health Assessment

What does it mean to be spiritual? The spiritual journey is somewhat different for everyone – for some it is linked to religion, but atheists can also be spiritual. The wellness health assessment questions below touch on some of the commonalities in spirituality, but are by no means comprehensive..

The commonalities are that the spiritual journey is an inner voyage of seeking to know and love the self, and finding purpose and meaning in life. It also involves openness to new ideas, and coming to understand the true nature of consciousness – and that life is more than we see on the surface. Connecting with others and coming to realize that individual differences are not important, that we are all more alike than we are different, is also part of being spiritual.

Spiritual, mental and emotional wellness are closely related, because thinking habits and skill in managing emotions will affect the ability to take the spiritual journey.

Some questions to ask when doing your spiritual wellness health assessment are:
1. Can you identify a meaning or purpose in your life?
2. Are your goals and actions congruent with your life’s meaning/purpose?
3. Do you take time each day to still the mind either through meditation, prayer, or another focused practice?
4. Are you willing to consider new ideas, even those that initially don’t make sense to you?
5. Can you accept yourself even when others do not?
6. Do you make generally allowances for others, or do you tend to judge them for their actions or their qualities?
7. Have you forgiven everyone you need to, including yourself?
8. Have you sought forgiveness from those you may have wronged?

Again, give yourself one point for all the questions to which your answer was yes. Then estimate this score as a percentage of the number of questions, and draw a line to represent this in the spiritual section of the spiritual wellness health assessment sheet - see how to do a wellness health assessment for an example.

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